Adult Acne:How To Treat It - Dermalogica Medibac Kit Review


I guess that during my teenage years I was really lucky when it came to my skin. I hardly ever had spots and if I did it was just one once in a blue moon. So it was a surprised when a started getting out breaks of Adult acne.
I believe the cause comes from a few different reasons, the main one being last year after a year of illness, operations and hospital trips I started getting psoriasis, especially on my scalp.
My dermatologist then prescribed me a really strong steroid scalp treatment, using this on my scalp it often ran down on my forehead, hence starting my breakouts, even the doctor confirmed that the scalp treatment causes out breaks.
I have stopped using the scalp treatment for at least 5 months now but still have bad outbreaks, which I believe is down to my diet.
It’s not secret that what we put into our bodies can have a major effect on our skin, and since arriving in Australia my diet has been a sinful one, not only has it effect my skin but I’ve also put in a far bit of weight (that’s a while other story).
Of course the first thing people tell you when trying to treat adult acne is eat healthy and drink plenty of water, which is what I have been doing but sometimes we need some extra help and this is where the Dermolgica’s Medibac Adult acne kit.

I am a big fan out Dermalogic products and thought this was well worth a try and the kit only cost me $44.
What the kit contains
·         Clearing Skin Wash 50mL
·         Sebum Clearing Masque 22mL
·         Clearing Mattifier 14mL
·         Overnight Clearing Gel 14mL
·         Concealing Spot Treatment 3mL
·         Oil Control Lotion (sample)
·         MediBac Clearing Brochure

Product Breakdown.

Clearing Mattifier – this is by far my favourite product out of the kit. This is a medicated topical treatment to help clear up your breakouts & helps stop your pores getting congested. I use this after I have cleansed my face, in my morning routine. The product felts like and has the texture like a general pore primer. Take care when apply this product, if you use too much or try rubbing it in to hard it will become clumpy. I will 100% buy the full size product.

Oil Control Lotion – only given a small little sachet sample of this and I haven’t actually used this product yet as I don’t have a tendency to get oily skin so I do not think I was get much benefit from using it.

Concealing Spot Treatment – this product has quite a dark tone to it and defiantly does not much my skin tone. I use this product when my skin is especially red. I add it to my makeup routine, apply it to me skin before my foundation.

Clearing Skin Wash – A good face wash, only need to use a small about and foams really well. My skin feels very clean after using the product but tends to feel a little dryer then I would like ti too. This is probably due to the fact it focus on clearing oils & my skin isn’t that oily.

Sebum Clearing Mask – I defiantly feel this mask helps reduce redness and it also refreshed my skin and gives it a healthy glow. I try to use this product at least twice a week leaving it on for about 15 minutes.

Overnight Clearing Gel – A very good products to keep your skin refreshed over night while working to reduce the acne. Obviously I use this in my night time routine, and it really does make your skin feel really refreshed after a long day.

Now heres a before and after picture from using this product for 3 weeks. I hate putting up pictures of myself that are less then perfect but I really want to show the results I have got so far. My skin is still not back to its old self but a lot better then 3 weeks ago!

As you can see from the pictures below it has made a really good improvement on my skin. I would recommend this kit to anyone. It a great way to try out the products to see if they work for your before investing in the full size products.

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