Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Review


I have been itching to get my hands on this product for a while now so when I finally got round to purchasing it I was over the moon and so excited to see if it lived up to its award winning reputation.
The packing is classy and sleek like all Laura Mercier products. The product is 7X7cm with lightweight casing. It is easily open with a click bottom and contains a small mirror inside.

The art to getting a great concealer is making sure you get the right shade for you before you purchase the item as you don’t want to be left with something that doesn't match and a waste of money.
I went to my local Laura Mercier counter and was quickly matched to SC-3.

I was surprised at first as I was expecting the product to be more of a creamy texture but it is more of really dry cream almost powder like texture.
As this product is dry I recommend you apply to freshly moisturised skin and/or over a fresh application of liquid foundation.
The two colour tones help match your skin tone and coverage needs. The light tone is great for stop coverage and the Salmon tone is great to counteract dark circles.
I really wanted a coverage that will cover up me dark circles as well any face blemishes I may have. It is absolutely amazing for any spots or red marks you may have but it not the Holy Grail I was after you dark circle coverage. As the product is dry you MUST make sure you apply a under eye moisturiser before you as the skin under your eye is thin and delicate and this product can be very drying.

The concealer was a little tricky to use at first but after a while you really get use to mixing and applying  the product. It is really easy to build up the coverage and the staying power of the concealer is remarkable. I like to mix and apply the concealer with a concealer brush, you can also warm the product up my pressing down your finger on the product for a couple of seconds until you feel it becoming a more creamer texture and dapping it on with your finger.

This is one product that has not disappointed; it really is worth the £26.50 price tag that it comes with and would be a worthwhile purchase. I have definitely ended my search for my ultimate concealer (thought I will still be looking out a ultimate under eye concealer). 

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  1. It looks amazing!! But the price tag is a little off putting :(
    Elizabeth x

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  3. I know its a lot to folk out at once on a concealer but its 100% worth the money