Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer

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We all have our little body hang ups we obsess about and my dark circles/bags are one of them.
I have spent many hours searching the internet for the best products and tips out there with some times the most minimal of luck. 

So when I received the Anatomical's Puff eye bag patches I really looked forward to giving this product a go and seeing the results. 

The first thing I loved about this product is the name, it’s quirky, funny and it gives a great edge.
The packaging is basic but fitting to the product and it comes with simple instruction on the back. 

The patches should be worn for 30 minutes but I must say I left them on a little longer. Along with the eye patches I also applied a face mask to get a full relaxation effect.
They are a rubbery/jelly like texture which helps them stick to the eyes really well,
as well as being filled with vitamins and collagen that help reduce puffiness and dark circles the patches are also enriched with moisture to help prevent ageing of the under eye skin.
My eyes definitely felt amazingly refreshed after removing the patches, I did notice that they helped reduce the puffiness of the eye but not much difference to the dark circles.

This product can be found on ASOS and would recommend its worth a try. As for many product, their is no over night success. 
I am a strong believer that you need to treat your body from the inside as well as out. 
So if you are prone to dark circles and puffy bags I recommend the following tips to help reduce them as well as using products like Puffy the eye bag slayer. 

1) - Water, water and more water. And this goes for every aspect of life. Water is truly the best beauty treatment you can give yourself. 

2) - Get your beauty sleep. I know this can be harder said then done, as many of us (including myself) suffer from a lack of being able to fall asleep and when eventually do, prone to sleep being broken. But we all must try are hardest to get the sleep we need and deserve. 

3) - Eat right - Yes I know this is another "common sense" tip but it is really important. Get plenty of vitamin B12, eat your fruit and vegetable especially your leafy greens. 

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